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On the other hand, for those who want to take a dip without leaving the village, here you can find the Kontogoni Beach.
Clear water and fine sand, perfect for relaxing and enjoying the wonderful sunset. Equipped with sun beds and umbrellas, it is also in the area with the most taverns.

Continuing the walk to the end of the village in the direction of the juniper forest and sand dunes, we arrive at Kalogeras beach. Completely wild where we can find limestone rock with a very thin layer of sand. Kalogeras is more suitable for those who want to snorkel.

Bays with turquoise water, after the boat yard on the road to Simos. It is worth stopping for a swim. You must wear mask and fins – because the seabed is covered in fish and sea urchins of all shades ranging from pink to green.

Korakofolià caves (crows’ nest). They have certainly been inhabited and appear to have served as a hiding place for pirate’s treasure. They are visible immediately after Simos (large). It is possible to reach the caves with an approx 20 minutes walk surrounded by the Mediterranean vegetation. From this view point, the landscape is breathtaking.

Agios Patapios, is a small church on the coast which can be reached by sea or by following a path of approximately 45 minutes. It is located on the opposite side of the village. The landscape, combining cliffs and Mediterranean wilderness, makes this excursion truly fascinating. Upon arrival, in this secluded remote place of worship , we are greeted by peace and by the endless view of the sea.

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