Things to do on the island

A fishing island with white beaches, Elafonisos is a pearl/gem in the southern Mediterranean, just less than a kilometre away from the mainland in the Peloponnese region of Greece.
In the other sections we have described all the beaches. Here we will try to list all possible activities. Beaches will be described later. Below is a list of most activities which can be of interest.


What better view can be offered than that of the sea! A stretch of crystal clear waters merges the Aegean to the Ionian see. Dinghies hire is available without requiring any nautical license. You can circumnavigate the island enjoying breaks for a swim. On our tour, we loved diving around the islets in front of Panaghia beach, into the turquoise waters of the little picturesque bay beneath the Akrotiri Club and also reach the tiny church of Agios Patapios.


Feeling the wind on your face and the freedom to stop in every corner of the island … there is nothing better than this, this is the true idea of freedom!
In the village you can hire bikes and scooters at the rental which is located immediately at the beginning of the village. A special discount is reserved for all our customers.


In recent years, the two roads leading to Simos Beach and to Panagia Beach have been connected, therefore it is now possible to walk about 13 km around the island. You will discover the magic Mediterranean aroma blended with the sparkling sea breeze scent.Moreover, as already mentioned in the section “The island – much more to discover”, you can reach the Korakofolià Caves and the Church of Agios Patapios.


Exciting sports can be practiced in this beautiful sea kissed by the Aegean winds. It is not currently possible to hire kitesurf and windsurf equipment on the island, therefore make sure to bring your own.


If you are looking for a holiday which you can keep fit and active, the sea offers many choices! You don’t have to just sunbathe, just have a bathing suit and be on the beach between Simos and Asimos campsite where you will discover all this.
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(This bizarre image captures someone on Sup with an umbrella)


Snorkelling allows you to admire the seabed and dive like a fish among the fish only with snorkel and mask. Furthermore, a dream for many of us sea lovers, is to spend time in the water, perhaps be lucky enough to swim along the Caretta Caretta turtles. It happened to us! You can also see them every morning in front of one of the docks of the port because they come to eat the remains thrown into the sea by the fishermen who clean the nets.

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