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When visiting Greece, home to many of the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean, you cannot miss to taste its succulent local dishes, which will be a real treat and also will make you appreciate even more the local cultural traditions.

Meat, cheese and vegetables are the great protagonists on the table in this immense country, which boasts an ancient gastronomic tradition based on simple but tasty ingredients. Pigs, goats and lambs are raised in local pastures, fish is from the pristine waters of the Mediterranean, aubergines, tomatoes and cucumbers ripen under the hot Greek sun. All can be washed down normally with excellent local wines and accompanied by tasty garlic-based sauces.

Amongst the best typical Greek dishes, from appetisers to desserts:

  • Dolmades (vine leaf rolls with rice and veal)
  • Broad bean cream (broad beans, onion)
  • Greek salad (tomatoes, olives, onion, cucumbers, feta cheese)
  • Moussaka (aubergine, minced meat, very creamy bechamel sauce and cheese)
  • Gyros Pita (type of flat bread with pork, chips, tomatoes, onion, tzaziki*)
  • Grilled Kalamari
  • Saganaki (fried cheese)
  • Souvlaki (meat skewers)
  • Spanakopita ( filo pastry filled with feta cheese and spinach)
  • Tzaziki (cucumber and garlic yogurt sauce)*
  • Baklava (filo pastry, almonds, honey)
  • Galaktoboureko (filo pastry, semolina, sweet syrup)

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