Neapolis, the last continental city in the south-east of Greece and Europe with a very strong nautical heritage (The Sailor Vatikiotis’s statue on the seafront confirmed this). The town might seem very quiet with old white houses and secret alleys. In reality, during the day, the central street, where we can find all kinds of shops, is extremely busy, while the seafront street is the setting for its restaurants, cafes and the unforgettable ouzeri. Here, to delight your taste buds, you can always taste fresh fish and octopus. It is possible to get a tsipouro (similar to grappa) with olives and cold cuts of cured meat at any time of the day.

Local ferries make the journey to Kythira island which combines historical and natural beauty with picturesque bays and villages (they depart 3 times a day in the summer and take approximately 1 hour).

Those interested in history of wrecks and life in the villages and towns bathed by the Aegean waters can visit the Sea Museum. In the center of the town, other historical items are collected in the Archaeological Museum, which contains a very rich collection of finds from the entire surrounding area.

Not to be missed is the staircase at the end of the village hidden among the houses. We discovered it by chance and realised that the inhabitants like often to repaint it with new colours or details. (Don’t forget to take a photo!). We recommend to visit this small town from which you can still easily reach the beautiful coastline and its crystal clear waters for a swim.

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