Malea Cape

Malea Cape formerly known as Saint’Angelo’s Cape or also Little Agios Oros is the southernmost tip approximately 20 km from Neapolis. It is the merging point between the Aegean and the Ionian seas. The seas around the cape are notoriously treacherous and difficult to navigate. The cape has one of the largest lighthouses in the Mediterranean recently renovated. It can be reached via a path that is very rocky and difficult to walk at some points, but the landscape is truly breathtaking. Once, it was surrounded by many monasteries of which now only two remain: the Agia Irini and Agios Yorghos monasteries which make the place even more fascinating. In addition, for the more daring, there is the possibility of staying in rooms near the monastery by making an offer to the parish priest of the village of Agios Nikolaos to soak in the night and its starry sky.

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