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We are dreamers with a deep respect for this island, we fell in love with it in the distant 1996 and we have not been able to go without  it anymore ...
What we breathe, what we see, that we feel on the skin when we are at "Elafonissos", is something incredible, difficult to explain in words ... a real, simple world where the laws are dictated by respect, where the spaces are huge where the sea is the undisputed master ... ahhhh  the sea ..., a world where colors and perfumes get under your skin, they take you away ...
We do not know why, but we can not do without it, maybe because of the purity and tranquility that transmits our "Neverland", maybe because we like to be free and wild and to enjoy what an island like this can offer, you just have to know how to listen ...... just listen...

Info: +30 273 4061163 / +30 6984647407
info@elafonissos.it / fabio@elafonissos.it / lucas@elafonissos.it
Lucas: 0039-348-3550441
Fabio: 0039-335-8070716

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